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Richard Cooper
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Nathan Sassover

IntraTherapies Institute
Founder / CEO

Inventor / technologist Nathan Sassover’s cross-industry innovations, patented inventions and discoveries extend to diverse technology venues ranging from micro-electronics to health sciences to advanced Internet broadcast network architecture.
With a background that consistently demonstrates awareness of technology-driven opportunities before they are generally recognized, Nathan Sassover's leading edge innovations have created several technology and industry sectors as well as unique market segments.
In the field of life sciences, his discoveries have resulted in medical and therapeutic platforms addressing the neurobiology of aging and disease as well as clinical developments based on molecular cancer genetics and DNA programmable genetic pharmacology.
With a background as an inventor and entrepreneur focusing on leading edge innovation across the spectrum of technology and science, Nathan Sassover has over the past twelve years become actively involved in advancing the development of therapeutic protocols based on molecular neurobiology as applied to age management. Mr. Sassover’s clinical objective was to develop preventive and therapeutic platforms conjoining Neurosystemic Medicine, Longevity Science and Personalized Medicine.  He is the Founder and CEO of IntraTherapies Institute,, a company formed to pursue next generation health enhancement programs based on his discoveries over the past decade.
The genesis of Mr. Sassover’s efforts is based on his personal interest in the pathophysiology of age related degenerative disorders. Mr. Sassover’s clinical protocols, identified as the AlphaProgram, are physician managed neuro-metabolic regimens. The AlphaProgram is defined as personalized medicine and comprised of advanced formulations with a primary therapeutic objective of mitigating the progressive aging related cascades and conjunctive effects of neuroendocrine stress and discontinuity in psychoneurobiology, brain biochemistry and its effects on the CNS-central nervous system.
Mr. Sassover’s discoveries are the basis of numerous patents pending with filings in the therapeutic categories of: neurodegenerative inhibitors, neuroendocrine modulators, and epigenetic cancer therapeutics based on DNA programmable genetic pharmacology.
Mr. Sassover’s cross-industry innovations and discoveries originate in the world of music for visual media. He attended the University of Wisconsin and the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Mr. Sassover then launched Motion Picture Music Inc. to provide advanced electronic music production services to film and television production companies in New York and Los Angeles.
During this time, based on his research into electronic music synthesizer sonic programming concepts, he initiated development of a proprietary wireless microelectronic coding technology, which led to his design and invention of the first Vehicle Remote Security System. Mr. Sassover’s encoding/decoding technology and commercial applications led to his being granted two patents, US Patent # 4,383,242 and # 3,987,408 which became the basis for the worldwide multi-billion dollar Vehicle Remote Security industry.
To date, his invention has been adopted as standard or optional equipment by virtually all automobile manufacturers throughout the world, and with the product and technology also dominating the global automotive aftermarket, his Vehicle Remote Security and Control System is considered the second most successful consumer automotive electronic product in history – the first being the car stereo.
His article, “Security is 140,000,000 Codes”- Signal Coding With Subinfinite Variables to Access Control” (SecurityWorld Magazine) was the first published technical paper about his invention and underlying technology, as well as its implications and potential for a broad range of consumer and industrial product applications.
In the media and digital design arena, Mr. Sassover is founder of Inhabit, a design collaborative for production of digital television and web-based programming. This phase of his career originated based on an alliance with the European based company he co-founded in 1984, Parasol Group Ltd. Parasol was engaged in the creation and acquisition of film and television libraries and program licensing to broadcast, cable, and satellite networks and new media venues worldwide. Parasol programme licensees include Fox Television Network, HBO, Cinemax, AMC, Bravo, PBS, Sky TV-UK, Channel 4, M6 France, CanalPlus, CineCinema, ArteFrance, ArteGermany, Premiere, ARD-Germany, Beta Taurus, Sveriges TV VirginVision, and numerous others.
More recently, he is the Founder and CEO of WorldNetCast, and WebMobileTV,, emerging Internet TV platforms for broadcasting of global online television comprised of geo-centric local/regional/national channels netcasting to over 75 countries worldwide, including emerging mobile Internet video platforms.
Mr. Sassover is also co-author, of The Human Life Book - A Lucid Guide to Conscious Living in the New Millennium (OmniView Press-2002).

Brent Treiger, MD

IntraTherapies Institute
Medical Advisor - Cancer Therapeutics

Brent Treiger, M.D., has almost fifteen years of product development experience in the biotech / pharmaceutical industry and has been significantly involved in the successful development of several oncology products.
Dr. Treiger’s special skills include assessing clinical trials for likelihood of success, evaluating potential markets for new technologies, to identify the best opportunities for clinical development; devising strategies (clinical development plans) to achieve rapid regulatory approval and commercial success; interacting with the FDA; and designing and conducting clinical trials (Phase I – IV).
For multiple products, Dr. Treiger has designed Phase 1 programs, negotiated with the FDA at Pre-IND meetings, and prepared IND submissions, all of which have been approved on the first pass.
In addition, Dr. Treiger has developed novel regulatory strategies for multiple products and obtained FDA approval at End of Phase / Pre-Phase 3 meetings.
His responsibilities have included formulating global clinical development plans; writing protocols and monitoring clinical trials; and managing the clinical research department. He has experience in presenting to and successfully negotiating with corporate partners and with the FDA (CDER and CBER). Dr. Treiger’s previous experience includes being on the faculty at the UCLA School of Medicine, running a successful private practice, and conducting multiple industry-sponsored clinical trials. Brent Treiger received his MD from Northwestern University Medical School and has authored numerous journal articles, book chapters and abstracts, and has delivered a wide range of presentations nationally.
Clinical areas of expertise include oncology, urology, immunology and gene therapy.

Director of Pharmaceutical Clinical Services

Graduated 1989 University of Kansas Pharmacy School BSP
2003 – Aseptically Certified PCCA, Houston, TX
2008 – Compounding Preceptor Site for North State College of Pharmacy

Work Experience
2002–Present, Compounding Prescription Specialists Pharmacy
Founder and PIC for a compounding only practice that includes a sterile compounding facility. Provide fee for service consultations on medication management therapy, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, nutritional management, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and pain management. Ms. Banwarth also participated in formulation and production of an injectable product for an Investigational Drug Experiment for a California based blood products company.

1990-94, Wal-mart Pharmacy Manager
Opened 17 pharmacies. Responsibilities included pharmacy licensing, personnel training, operations setup, acquisition and pharmacy layout, and follow up training.

1994-2002, Relief Pharmacist
Provided several different practice settings, including retail, long term care, and manage care practices pharmacist relief services.

2006-2008, Mid-Level Provider at the Institute for Restorative Health Davis, CA.
Prescribe and manage patient medication therapy for chronic pain, bio-identical hormone replacement, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue from a functional medicine model approach.

2006-Present, Restorative Blends
CEO and co-founder of nutriceutial company focusing on product development for disease specific nutritional requirements.

2008-Present, Experiential Advisory
Board member for the North State College of Pharmacy Rancho Cordova, CA

Organization Affiliations
IACP: Member since 2002 and fellow. Active with Compounders on Capitol Hill.
CPhA: Member, ASP Board Member, ACP Board Member, CPhA Election Committee. ACP Trustee for California Pharmacists Association
PCCA: Member since 2002