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A New Perspective on Aging... The Science of Age Intervention

Your state of mind affects your state of body. Nurenex is a neuroceutical dietary supplement for optimal Male and Female age management and general well being, and is one of a comprehensive range of wellness products comprising NeuroMedica’s AlphaProgram of Age Management Therapeutics.

Nurenex consists of a diverse array of neuroceutical compounds with the primary therapeutic objective of re-balancing and regulating neurometabolic, neuroendocrine, and neuroimmune function at the cellular level.

Nurenex is one of the primary compounds comprising NeuroMedica's AlphaProgram formulations, which are designed to restore optimal levels of neural electrochemistry, thereby possibly enhancing the probability of functional longevity. The AlphaProgram’s ingredients and compounds each have a proven history of verifiable effectiveness and safety supported by long term independent clinical research. The enhanced effects of these formulations are the result of synergistic compound integration combined with targeted bio-available delivery for optimal neuro-systemic health.

The AlphaProgram wellness regimen, based on user comments and physicians’ clinical observation, appears to promote healthy aging and may interrupt, slow down, and delay the progressive stages of functional decline by addressing a broad range of time induced conditions. Based on findings in a two year physician-administered Human Clinical Studies Program involving men and women ages 31-85, Nurenex provided a broad range of benefits, primarily in the following categories:

- Mood Elevation
- Enhanced Memory and Mental Focus
- Increased Energy/Vitality/Libido
- Improved Sleep
- Relief from Age Related Aches & Pain

Optimal results are more likely to be obtained by those over the age of 35.

Nurenex may also enhance synthesis of neurotransmitters and brain metabolism which may possibly promote longevity.

Mood Elevation
Regulates ‘mood swings’ as well as other varying intrapersonal impediments related to self acceptance.

* As confirmed by MD administered Human Clinical Research over a 24 month period.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.