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Forbes Radio Interview | Nathan Sassover
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Beverly Hills, CA, Jan. 14 / PRNewswire – Interview transcript of Nathan Sassover, Founder/CEO of IntraTherapies Inc. by Forbes Sky Radio Network CEO/President Marc Holland on December 2003.

Forbes Radio: Welcome, Nathan. So, how does IntraTherapies AlphaProgram enable us to interrupt the effects of aging?

Sassover: First, I want to emphasize that IntraTherapies® AlphaProgram® is not about cosmetic or surgical procedures -- we're not in the 'nip and tuck' space. Our focus is optimal neuro-systemic health. We think it's become readily apparent that the disruptive processes of aging intervene fairly early -- and so we're all laboring with the progression of age related disorders generally starting in our early 40s. Let's face it -- all of us retain a mental 'snapshot ' of what we were like at our 'peak' -- when we were operating at maximum output, rather effortlessly. The term, 'senior moment' we often refer to is really a consequence of an array of neurochemical processes that progressively decline in optimal functioning -- over time.

IntraTherapies focuses on the 'Engines of the Brain' as we call them -- neuro-metabolic, neuro-endocrine and neuro-immune functions, which we believe define the pathology and velocity of aging, the increasing imbalances in brain chemistry over time -- these imbalances are internally originated based on heredity, lifestyle and other external stress factors. IntraTherapies strives to restore that balance.

Our team includes Dr. Kim Yeager as our Medical Director, who was formerly a Commander in the US Public Health Service and an epidemiologist with the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.

After a lengthy research process, plus 2 years of clinical studies with results verified by physicians clinical observation, we have been joined by 7 other physicians, who represent a broad spectrum of medical specialties, ranging from a clinical professor of Medicine at the UCLA, David Geffen School of Medicine, to medical experts in lipid disorders, cardiovascular health, diabetes, immune disorders, and geriatric medicine. Rounding out our team are 2 pharmacologists, including a Professor of Pharmaceutics at USC, all committed to advancing our Age Management Therapeutics (AMT) process of age intervention. IntraTherapies addresses 6 key age related processes w/specific therapeutic targets:

• Mental Clarity/Cognitive Function
• Depression/Anxiety
• Vitality/Energy/Libido
• Quality of Sleep
• Female Aging
• Pain Management

Rather than search for the “elusive molecule”, which drives most pharmaceutical research and drug discovery methods, our view was that compounds and ingredients existed which could be optimized to provide a meaningful program for age intervention -- if these compounds were effectively delivered and rapidly assimilated into the brain and body -- but with minimal side effects. Our approach was to evaluate over 80 existing compounds and our ultimate choices were ingredients that individually had a long history of safety and clinical effectiveness.

The AlphaProgram is currently available at our two IntraTherapies Institute clinics in Los Angeles but we will be licensing clinics in other cities as well as to existing medical practices and select qualified health facilities who wish to add our AlphaProgram to their preventive health regimens.

Forbes Radio:A lot of people, after turning to HGH, Human Growth Hormone, or Hormone Replacement Therapies (HRT) the past few years to stem the aging process, have now seen more reports of the potential negative effects of this approach. How is your AlphaProgram different in its approach to aging?

Sassover:Often times, as is well known, HGH or HRT synthetic hormone replacement requires further medication and drug therapies to offset the possible occurrence of acknowledged adverse side effects, namely elevated estrogen and increases in body fluid retention. Additionally, it's well recognized within the medical arena that long term use of HGH can induce a condition similar to Type 2 diabetes-- glucose intolerance -- some of these HGH users go on to become insulin dependent.

IntraTherapies differs in numerous ways from HGH or HRT methods -- primarily in that we do not believe in treating the treatment with a treatment -- our AlphaProgram is designed to be comprehensive and safe, but does not require the intervention of other drugs to regulate the hormonal system as a result of the primary treatment.

Also in terms of being readily absorbed, our protocol is not based on injection but we feel a more pleasant method, sublingual delivery – i.e., under the tongue once a day, 5 days per week, in the morning.

Forbes Radio:What kind of results are you seeing in your AlphaProgram clinical studies?

Sassover:After clinically observing the results of our two year patient case study on male/female patients ranging in age from 30-85, with minimal or no side effects -- responses were MD observable in the 6 primary therapeutic categories:

• Cognitive Enhancement
• Depression/Anxiety Relief
• Restoration/Enhancement Of Energy/Vitality/Libido
• Enhanced Quality Of Sleep
• Improved Management Of Female Aging Processes
• Pain Management

No adverse side effects in most patients -- in any case, no effects which required the patients to stop the program. Composite effect -- overall enhanced well being, as reported by patients and verified by physicians clinical observation.

Forbes Radio:Scientists predict that in the near future, we will virtually be able to halt the aging process and double our life spans. Do you agree?

Sassover:I think 'halting' aging is a bit unrealistic but interrupting the processes and effects of aging is more likely, and is more in line w/what IntraTherapies feels can be achieved now -- without grandiose promises and false expectations. Also, doubling life span doesn't necessarily address or assure quality of life and that's really the most important factor -- proactive management of the aging process with a new category of healthcare – AMT. What good is extended life span if you require 24 hour care to function just to maintain the activities of daily living?

Forbes Radio:What do you think the next few decades will bring?

Sassover:It's our view that, an aging Baby Boomer population of over 80 million men and women are frustrated, not comforted being told by health organizations and the media, that it will be 8-10 years before meaningful age intervention solutions are available. At this point, drug research, even with sophisticated drug discovery tools (genomic profiling/bioinformatics) has a very long and costly development cycle. But with low rates of conversion to viable drugs, often due to side effect issues which are generally factors in overall effectiveness.

I'm not sure that implantable stem cells are a near term solution -- for aging Boomers it's really about maintaining or reclaiming that in the zone period of life when all systems were in perfect sync -- it's all about safe methods of intervention and prevention -- it's about getting your groove back. With the AlphaProgram, we think we can bring the future to the present with Age Management Therapeutics.

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