NeuroDialogs: The Odyssey of Human Aging

Nathan Sassover


HealthMedica HealthScience Centers and IntraTherapies Institute, are clinical allies in providing the 10 therapeutic categories which define our branded Age Management Therapeutics®.


Predicated on the fusion of my discoveries in Neurosystemic Medicine and Epigenetic Cancer Therapeutics, HealthMedica’s clinical sites conjoin health enhancement, longevity science, and personalized medicine.


My work as an inventor and technology catalyst has ranged from electronic microsystems to life sciences within molecular neuropharmacology and epigenetic therapeutics, and further extending to advanced Internet technologies, operating systems and platforms for Web 3.0 TV broadcasting.


The Neurosystemic Medicine and Epigenetic Cancer Therapeutics are the nucleus of two pending patent applications summarized as follows:

  • Clinical Protocols utilizing neurosystemic / neuroendocrine regulating compounds targeting cognitive function, mood disorders, and stabilization of the CNS specifically, the hypothalamo-pituitary-adreno-sympathetic axis in response to discontinuity of brain electro chemistry and the dynamics of aging.
  • Clinical Protocols based on molecular cancer genetics and DNA Programmable Genetic Pharmacology to inhibit the growth, replication and proliferation of human cancer cells, utilizing DNA demethylation techniques as a monotherapy or conjunctively with low dose metronomic chemotherapy and / or other biologic response modifiers.

Commencing in 1990 I began research within the realms of molecular neurobiology and several years later, molecular cancer genetics to unify the disparate theories which attempt to define age-related degenerative disorders. Over time, the focus of my independent research enlarged to the broader construct of the neurobiology of disease and aging; effectively, the clinical intersection where the processes of human senescence converge.


The genesis of this odyssey originated in 2001 when I founded IntraTherapies Institute in Los Angeles. This has served as the location of our prototype clinic as an evolving model and ‘work in progress’ defining the next level of physician/patient relationship. The primary mandate has from inception been to optimize treatment processes which engage predictive, preventive and personalized medicine within an anticipatory clinical framework.


My approach has consistently been based on the re-deployment and repurposing of existing compounds, phytochemicals and biologicals to effect a long term and consistent safety/efficacy equation for addressing the myriad pathophysiologies of age-related degenerative disorders. My research process assiduously avoided pursuing new molecular entities which over time have statistically been shown to often fall far short of stated intentions in clinical trials and resultant pharma / biotech products in cancer and CNS categories. Clearly, this is self-evident in assessing the blatant ineffectiveness of numerous cancer therapeutics, particularly in second, third and fourth line treatment settings.


Our physician managed protocols are based entirely on the range of preventive and intervention al programs I have developed. Within our epigenetic cancer therapeutics we have worked with Dr Brent Treiger as Medical Advisor. Dr Treiger is a research oncologist and clinical trial expert, as well as the developer of several well known cancer therapeutics, who has guided the conjunctive use of my oncology treatment programs for late stage cancer intervention with these repurposed compounds in six solid tumor cancer types and two hematologic malignancies. This relationship originated after Dr. Treiger’s clinical evaluation and assessment of positive outcomes and promising results achieved with the IntraTherapies Epigenetic Cancer Therapeutics treatment program during an 8 week clinical study in several patients at a Dallas treatment center.


It is my belief that our fluid clinical model has created a evidence-based series of hybrid treatment venue which enable MD / patient dialogue to guide the modes of treatment offered. We at times can within this methodology consider IND filings and IRB oversight for certain protocols if deemed appropriate, but essentially we operate within the established guidelines for ‘practice of medicine’ rather than pure research, due to the known status, and multi-decade clinical history of all chemical / biological agents we utilize within our Age Management Therapeutics programs.

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